$1 makeup and sheet masks?

Thanks to ThaTaylaa, I've discovered a site that sells makeup, sheet masks and accessories for $1 each. For real. She madeĀ a video showing a bunch of stuff she purchased and doing a first impression, which inspired me to place a whopping $12 order. When the stuff arrives I'll show off my haul and let you... Continue Reading →

I love makeup people

On my way home from running some errands last night I stopped into my local Sally Beauty Supply. I've loved this store since I was in high school (because who didn't get their nail polish from Sally back in the day), but I haven't been in to check out their makeup selection in a while.... Continue Reading →


For starters, I love YouTube. It's a great place to learn about new products and techniques, and all of the big beauty brands have their own channels for instructional videos. There are a few channels that I trust for reviews, but I don't bother with the overwhelming majority of "big" YouTubers. Why you ask? Oh,... Continue Reading →

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