All aboard the struggle bus! Or boat. Or train. It’s your choice.

It's been brought to my attention that it's November 12, and I've only posted twice in this entire month. Not that I necessarily needed the reminder because, as any writer/blogger/creative type knows, when we aren't creating, we're thinking about creating. Stressing about it. Allowing it to hang over our heads like big grey storm clouds.... Continue Reading →

Tiny life update at 1 am

It is 12:42 am EST, and I'm still sitting at my computer. A lot has gone down in the past week at my job and there are some major changes coming, so I've been trying to devote as much of my time and energy to that as possible. In addition, I'm still trying to move.... Continue Reading →

Let’s chat about something I suck at

Happy Saturday internet friends! I hope you're all having a good weekend so far. Today I'm coming to you from rural northern Michigan, in a tiny cottage surrounded by other vacation rentals and forest. We did nothing today, and it was glorious. Having some free time today got me thinking about my faults as a... Continue Reading →

Thank the gods for bathtubs

I like baths. A lot. When I'm sad, stressed or don't feel good I head directly to the tub. I've casually mentioned in past posts that I'm chronically ill. To clarify, I'm not saying that I get colds frequently; I have several chronic illnesses that cause things like migraines, pain, mobility issues, depression, anxiety, on... Continue Reading →

How I cope with holiday stress

For Blogmas day 10 I wanted to talk about┬ástress,┬ábecause we're at the point in the holiday season when I start to feel it. For me the stress doesn't only come from not having enough time; it also comes from being in high demand. I know that sounds kind of terrible, but I'm what I like... Continue Reading →

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