Products I regret buying

I haven't mentioned my "smart buy" in a while, but this year I've tried really hard to be more particular about the things I purchase. It hasn't always worked. I'm not immune to hype; I am a human who loves beauty products, after all. Unfortunately for me, a lot of the things I've purchased because... Continue Reading →

Halloween collections

There's been a lot of emphasis on and hype around holiday collections this year. Multiple brands were releasing their Christmas collections in late August or early September; not only is that WAY too early but it also ignores an extremely important makeup centric holiday. Seems kinda asinine to me, but not every brand has forsaken... Continue Reading →

TAM Beauty haul

Do you ever get a package in the mail and your first thought is "What the hell did I order this time?" It's a common occurrence in my house, especially when I place international orders. So it went with my package from TAM Beauty. When my partner brought in the mail he gave me that... Continue Reading →

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