Ughhhhh Kat Von D

If you haven't been paying attention to Instagram/YouTube/the internet in general, you haven't seen this post from Kat Von D: I don't even know where to begin with this. I am completely in support of her choosing a midwife and doula and having the baby at home. Whether or not to use drugs is completely... Continue Reading →

Makeup ‘rules’

I'm not much for rules. Sure, I adhere to the important ones, like don't commit murder, but most rules with regard to makeup are completely arbitrary and I ignore them. Anyway, I was watching some beauty influencer (I really don't remember who) and she referenced a story from Business Insider about the makeup rules everyone... Continue Reading →

Flotation therapy

I've been meaning to post about flotation therapy/sensory deprivation for a few months. Let me start at the beginning: a couple years ago I was wandering around the trendy part of my city, and I walked by this place called Body Mind Float Center. I was on my way to the amazing chocolate shop across... Continue Reading →

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