I’m alive…

But I’ve been flat on my ass for almost two weeks.

Labor Day weekend I went home to Rochester to spend time with family and go to my “cousin’s” wedding. The scare quotes are because she’s not actually my cousin, but I’ve known her since she was born and we all grew up together, so she’s basically my cousin. It was great and wonderful, and we all had the BEST time at the wedding, including my other “cousin”, the best lady, who got wasted and spent the evening on the dance floor screaming “THEY ARE LESBIANS!!!!” Shout out to Jenna, one of my favorite adult humans ever.

The unfortunate thing about this wedding was that most of the people there, including the brides, were sick. So guess what happened to me when I got home…

Right, sick AF, with the fever and the coughing and the phlegm.

I’m at the tail end now and doing ok, other that this lingering hacking cough. I’m still pretty tired though. I was back in Rochester this weekend for Dan’s niece’s birthday and I couldn’t even go. Instead I spent the weekend sleeping and attempting to rest so I can start doing all of the fun fall things I intended to do weeks ago. I feel like the season is half over already.

I also had plans for more posts during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty. Oh well. I’ve been reading a lot, so you’ll get some book reviews instead.

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