I’m in love with another podcast

Most of the time when I go on long-distance road trips I listen to podcasts and audiobooks instead of music. Because I’m a weirdo. I know.

On my last trip to Michigan I was bored with the dating podcast I’d been listening to (I might talk about it in a different post because it was kind of terrible) and found the Para(normal) podcast. From the first minute I was in love… the host, Marie Adoranti, is awesome and so funny and a little vulgar. She frequently has cohosts, most frequently her friend Victoria, and they tell ghost stories from their town of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and various other places around the world.

Ok, first of all, I love Canadians. I don’t know why. I just love the way they talk and they all seem so nice. I feel like Marie and I would probably be best friends if I didn’t live across the border with no way to get into Canada legally. Also, I really want to play with her animals because they’re probably the cutest.

Secondly, I love Marie’s voice. It’s like she was meant to be a podcaster. Her comedic timing is on point and she seems really passionate about the subject.

Lastly, they tell great stories. It takes some skill to tell a good story and there’s nothing worse than listening to a podcast or audiobook being read by someone who’s reading directly from notes or isn’t comfortable in front of a microphone. While I was in Michigan in May I sent a couple of my paranormal experiences to Marie, and she read them in the most recent episode. Once I got over my initial moment of “Holy shit, that’s my story!”, my first thought was “Wtf, she tells my stories better than I do.”

Sadly, I’m all caught up on this because it’s a “biweekly” (if we’re lucky) podcast. They take a little time to get through so if you’re looking for a new paranormal podcast, check this one out. 12/10 would recommend.

Marie’s Twitter

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