If you’ve been paying attention for the past six-ish months, you’d know that Dan has been working in rural northern Michigan, and I’ve been spending a few weeks here and a few weeks home since March. I think I’ve been home for a total of four weeks in the last four months, and it’s been exhausting. I’m never in one place long enough to get comfortable, and a lot of stuff at home has been neglected. Like my house. And my family. And my friends. I’ve tried to make time for everyone but it’s been exceedingly difficult. I wasn’t looking forward to spending the rest of the summer like this, trying to balance time with Dan and events at home, like weddings and birthdays. Also, I hate Michigan. HATE IT. If you want to know why I’d be happy to share, but that could be a post all on its own.

But now, I won’t need to balance it, since Dan got a job in Albany! He’ll be working for a regional airline; have I mentioned that my boyfriend is an aircraft mechanic? Yeah, he fixes airplanes. I’m not proud of him or anything, and I never like bragging about him. /sarcasm

He starts the first week of July, so we’ve been trying to find a place to live and figure out exactly what it is that we need in an apartment and where we should be for maximum convenience. I’ve spent some time in the Capital Region and have a friend who lives there so I’ve been asking her about neighborhoods, but it’s still been difficult so far. Apparently, landlords are wary of renting to people who are relocating; we’re not available to see places because we’re currently 1,000ish miles away. Also, one of us is starting a new job and that seems to be a red flag. As exciting as it is to be going on an adventure with Dan, this part has been frustrating.

Overall I’m really happy that he got the job. It seems like the company will be a good fit for him, and I’m looking forward to us living in the same location again. It’ll be nice being closer to home; four hours isn’t exactly close, but it’s a hell of a lot closer than where I’m sitting right now. Also, civilization. This might be the thing I’m most excited for. The town where Dan has been living is just. So. Small. It’s the kind of place where we have to worry about what we say and do in public because everyone knows everyone else and it’ll get back to his boss/coworkers. I don’t like that feeling. All of the people I’ve met here have been really nice but also kind of ignorant, a little trashy and most of them have voiced strong biases against other races. I’m so not about that.

I’m sure you’ll hear more about this as we continue through this process. Tomorrow I leave to go back to New York and I won’t be back until it’s time for Dan to move out. My goal is to make time to stop at a few cool places I’ve been eyeing on every trip and maybe take photos/do another vlog, but we’ll see. I have many things to do before I leave.

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    1. Thank you! We’re looking at Mechanicville, Colonie, Latham, and Schenectady. My friend lives in Colonie and it’s cute. It reminds me a bit of ER.


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