Joke’s on you, Tarte

Did you all see Tarte’s April Fool’s joke?

They teased a new palette, the Icy Betch palette.

Yeah, I’d totally purchase this.

The problem is that people were more interested in this joke palette than they have been with Tarte’s recent releases. Awkward.

Don’t get me wrong: I like Tarte for the most part. I’ve used a ton of their products and with very few exceptions I’ve liked them. I like that they use slightly better ingredients than other companies, and their palettes are high quality, small enough to travel with and (bonus!) smell like chocolate. The problem is that they’re all. Fucking. Neutral.

I like neutrals. I have a lot of neutrals. Neutrals have been the trend for years. But come on Tarte, even Wet ‘n Wild is outshining you with colors and junk at this point (check out the summer collection… so pretty!!). I don’t want more neutrals. Give me something more interesting.

Now a few smaller brands are releasing similar palettes, or in the case of Devinah Cosmetics, a set of single shadows (and two highlighters!) for a reduced price.


While this set is very pretty and it’s cheaper than purchasing the shades individually, it’s still $64. I’m not familiar enough with this brand to pony up that kind of cash, even if I don’t have anything in my collection similar to this.

Enter Shop Hush.

If you spend any time watching YouTube beauty videos you’ve heard of this site/app. They sell all manner of K-beauty products in addition to inexpensive knockoffs of well-known palettes, and over the past year or so they’ve gotten some good press. I’ve never purchased anything from them but only because I’ve been too lazy to put my card number in the app. No, I’m not joking. Who doesn’t accept PayPal? Come on now.

Anyway, a few minutes ago I received an alert from the app that the brand Bad Habit released a new palette, the Lightspeed Palette. It looks similar to the Devinah collection, and it’s being sold for the low introductory price of $10.


You bet your ass I grabbed it.

Yes, there are more shades in the Devinah version. Yes, some of these shades look really similar to each other. I still think it’ll be worth it, based on what I’ve heard about Bad Habit’s formula. Also, TEN DOLLARS. And shipping was free.

Right now you can only pick this up in the Hush app, but they have so much cool, reasonably priced stuff that I think it’s worth installing and keeping. The app is pretty user-friendly¬†and the checkout process was quick and painless, other than having to dig through the abyss of my purse to find my damned debit card. For real Hush. Make friends with PayPal. Or Visa Checkout. Something.

What do you think of the Tarte “joke” and the palettes it’s spawned? Have you ever purchased from Hush? Seriously, now that they have my money I’m a little nervous.


6 thoughts on “Joke’s on you, Tarte

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  1. The Lightspeed Palette looks like an exact dupe for the Kat Von D Divine Palette. Let me know how you like the formula; I’m curious to see how it holds up!

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  2. I knkw that you’ve caught on by now that tarte is my high end holy grail everything. I have loved tarte since before they were the go-to for vegan, cruelty free makeup giant that they are today. But yes, i have to agree. Im also a neutral gal. I have blue eyes, and it just so happens that earth tones make those babies pop. BUT yeah…. yall need to throw some life into a palette or two. But regardless of that fact, they still manage to be a cult factory, pushing out one instant classic after the other. And there I’ve said it, actually. Sticking with neutrals might come off as boring, but EVERYONE needs at least one neutral palette, and those never go out of style. They’re pretty much guaranteeing that each of their palettes will ALWAYS be in style, and therefore in need/want. Now with THAT said, it wouldn’t hurt to come out with some limited edition palettes here and there (maybe during holidays?) to mix it up, excite the masses, and keep them on the edge of their seats for the next go around.
    Now about hush. I’m like you here…. take my PayPal! I ain’t tryin to throw my card numbers all over cyber space. PayPal alone was a big step for me. But I DO have the app on my phone, I have a profile along with a wishlist on hush. One of these days….


    1. I also love tarte and have a couple of their palettes. The quality is consistent and and they smell like chocolate. Bonus. I would love to see a fun collection for the holidays. Their mermaid collection is getting closer to what I’d like to see from them.


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