It’s May! Spring is here, and so is Mental Health Awareness Month

Today in northern Michigan, the sun came out. It was 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Dan and I had a lovely and delicious brunch and then went across the street to the beach for a bit. I took my shoes off and put my toes in the sand and for a few minutes, all was right with the world.


Then I remembered that I’m leaving again tomorrow and this insane travel cycle is starting all over again. Sigh. I am excited to go home, but I’d really like to be able to stay in one place for awhile.

This brings me to the next thing: May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Liz over at Dear Blog… Love, Liz recently posted on this topic. I appreciated her post not only because I think we should be more open about mental health struggles, but also because sometimes I need to be reminded that it is, in fact, ok to not be ok.

I need this reminder because I spend a lot of time trying to convince the people around me, and sometimes even myself, that I’m ok when I’m not. “Fake it ’til you make it” has been my personal motto for as long as I can remember, but occasionally I get to a point where I can’t fake it anymore and I need to spend an entire week holed up in my house in my pajamas eating cereal and ignoring contact from the outside world. This is something that I do for my own sanity, my version of self-care. I know that it isn’t ideal for the people who love me and want to see me, but sometimes it’s just a thing I need to do.

So take care of yourself mentally, even if it’s inconvenient for other people. It’s ok if you cancel plans. It’s ok if you’re not ok.

3 thoughts on “It’s May! Spring is here, and so is Mental Health Awareness Month

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  1. Love this! We all need that reminder sometimes… Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re not okay. Best of luck with all of your traveling! Whenever I feel like I’m hitting a low point or I get moody or emotional for no reason, I journal out my emotions. It makes me feel better and reading back my raw emotion to myself really puts everything into perspective for me and gives me clearer vision of how I can overcome these feelings. I don’t leave the house without something to write in or my phone (notepad app) so I can journal in real time, when I have the chance.


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