When tech meets beauty

A friend of mine has recently been sending me news stories about beauty topics (thanks Brian!), and right before CES he sent this interesting piece.

CES is the International Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place over several days once a year. During CES companies unveil the latest and greatest consumer electronic products, from wireless devices to apps. This year Johnson & Johnson is unveiling an attachment for the iPhone and companion app that’s supposed to scan your skin and measure things like moisture levels and pores.

Great. Tell me what’s wrong with my face.

Honestly, I’m into the idea of an app or something that measures the health of my skin and gives suggestions about the things I can do to improve texture, moisture, etc. The thing that I’m not into is J & J basically using this as marketing for Neutrogena. Which is exactly what’s happening here.

Listen, I get that Neutrogena is Johnson & Johnson’s cash cow, but can we really trust a scanner/app that’s designed to sell us products? What if I had the most perfect skin ever; would they still tell me that I needed to buy a whole Neutrogena regimen? I feel a little bit like they’re preying on peoples’, and maybe more specifically women’s, insecurities to sell products. Not that other companies don’t, because insecurity is the fundamental reason we buy beauty products, but this seems a lot more blatant than other companies just advertising results for wrinkle creams or putting gorgeous celebrities in their ads.

I don’t know, something about this just doesn’t sit well with me. What do you think?

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