Stocking stuffers

Blogmas day 8! Woo!

I’m a big fan of stockings. Up until last year, my mom got us all stockings every year. She’s never quite gotten the concept that a stocking is supposed to be filled with cheap things; one year she got us all cool electronic gadgets, another year she got the girls diamond necklaces, and she always got us fancy socks and underwear. No Hanes nonsense for my mom. So stockings were never a cheap undertaking for her.

I’m not as generous as my mom. I also suck at saving for Christmas, so my stocking stuffer ideas are all cheap but still useful.

I also want to mention one of the websites I pulled a bunch of this stuff from. It’s called Shop Miss A, and it’s an online $1 store. The difference to me between this site and a brick and mortar $1 store is the organization and, in many cases, the quality. I’ve ordered some of the cosmetics and masks from this site, both for myself and for my teenage niece, and it was all pretty good, especially for the price. I haven’t been able to say that with most of the things I’ve gotten from my local Dollar General or Dollar Tree.

I don’t like to gender stereotype stuff, so I’m just going to do a big list with no differentiation.


Christmas Rubber Ducks – These are adorable! I don’t play with toys in the bath because I’m a grown ass woman, but I have a couple of these ducks in my toy collection on my window sill in my office. One of these days I’ll show you my collection.

Adult Mad Libs – No explanation needed.

Googly eyes – These have adhesive on them so they can be stuck anywhere. Frivolous, yes, but also super fun.

Edamame keychain – I got one of these for my birthday and it’s oddly soothing. It’s also really cute.

Sparkly purple poo stress toy – You heard me. It’s purple, sparkly poo.

Useful stuff

Cord keeper thingy – I think this is really cute and useful, and I might pick a few up for myself. You can use them for power cords or headphones or whatever random, annoying cords you need to corral.

Ring Mount – These are everywhere right now and this is the least expensive one I’ve seen. You attach it to the back of your phone, and it acts as a kickstand and car mount. Super helpful if you’re like me and watch a lot of YouTube.

Hand sanitizer – These are really cute and cheap, and they can go right on your keys or bag or whatever. Who doesn’t need hand sanitizer during cold and flu season?

Rhinestone flashlight – This fits right on your keys so you can bring the light.

Beauty products

Essential oil lip balm – It’s hard to screw up lip balm, so I’m guessing this one is ok.

Bunny lip balm – Another lip balm, but cute.

Cruelty-free brushes – I have a couple eye brushes from this line and they’re pretty good. And they’re cheap!

Lip Scrub – Everyone’s lips need exfoliation in winter. It’s a fact.

Sheet masks – So. Many. Sheet masks. I’ve tried some of the oily skin/charcoal masks and they’re not bad. They beat the cheap ones I’ve gotten from Walgreens so I can’t complain.

Ahava Travel Size Mineral Hand Cream – This hand cream is so beautiful. It smells nice and makes my skin really soft, and the travel size is perfect for me. I never go through an entire lotion so why not save some scratch?

Working Hands Hand Cream – This is “manly” lotion. For the working man.

Random stuff

Scarves – Shop Miss A has so many beautiful scarves. I bought a couple of these to keep around for when I need a random grab bag gift or whatever, and they look and feel way more expensive than they are.

Stationary – This section of the site has pens, washi tape, stickers, all kinds of really cute stuff.

Keychains – Some of these keychains are really adorable, like the rubber unicorns. Some people in my life might be getting these for Christmas.

Owl Crossbody Bag – This site also has a whole bunch of these really cute little crossbody bags. This owl one and the elephant ones are my favorites.

Makeup bag – So cute, and you can color it if you want to. Love it.

So these are some of the things I’d be putting into a stocking. What are some of your stocking stuffer ideas? What are you hoping to find in your own stocking?

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