My wish list

I’ve seen a bunch of these posts recently, and my boyfriend has been asking me incessantly what I want for Christmas, so I decided to sit down and think about what I actually want. I’m the kind of person who’ll typically buy myself something if I want it, so this is kind of hard for me. The only exceptions are really expensive or frivolous things, so that’s what’s on this list.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Princess Leia Organa and R2-D2

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this yet, but I’m a pretty major Star Wars fan. I particularly love Princess Leia. She’s been my favorite since I saw the first film when I was a little kid. She seemed to be the most level-headed character, and she was definitely the only one who could hit anything with that blaster. So I love that these dolls have been released. They’re not quite Barbie dolls, but they still have that kind of fashion doll appeal.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

I mentioned this in a previous post; I’ve had some small jars that came in subscription boxes and I love it. I just can’t bring myself to spend the money for the full size. I can’t justify spending the money, as much as I like what it does to my hair.

Disney x Kiehl’s Glow-Getters

I’ve never tried anything from Kiehl’s but always wanted to. It seems like one of those super luxe brands that I would like having in my medicine cabinet, regardless of whether or not I like the product. This set is really cute because of the Disney packaging, so I want it even more.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask

I’ve wanted to try this mask since I worked at Sephora a couple years ago, but I haven’t pulled the trigger. I like Fresh products and I’m convinced this mask will be life-changing, but I just can’t spend that kind of money for one mask. I would question my own sanity a little bit.

Caudalie Ultimate Anti-Aging Trio

I like Caudalie and I’ve used some of their anti-aging eye products and I’ve loved them, so I’m pretty sure this stuff will be amazing. Again, it’s just expensive.

Origins Anti-Aging All Stars

Just like the Caudalie, I like Origins and I know that I’ll like this stuff based on my experiences with their other products. I’m trying to incorporate some additional anti-aging products into my regimen in an effort to delay the inevitable, so I know I need to invest in some of this stuff.

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

I really love The Body Shop’s skincare products, and they’ve pulled me out of more than one epic breakout. These spa masks are relatively new; I’ve tried a couple others and like them, so I’ll probably like this one.

MEMEBOX Disco Daze Holiday Set

MEMEBOX is one of my favorite K-beauty brands, and this set is adorable. That’s like 90% of the reason I want it.

Elizabeth Arden Advanced Caramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum

I feel like Elizabeth Arden is sort of a fancy grandma brand, but I’ve heard good things about this product. It looks really nice and it’s super expensive, but I think it might be a little too fancy for me.

Dose of Colors Winter Hues Satin Lipstick Quad

I haven’t tried anything from Dose of Colors yet and I really want to. I think these look cool, and I like the colors a lot. It’s not like I need more lipcolors but I don’t have many higher end lipsticks.

Dose of Colors Marvelous Mauves Eyeshadow Palette

I don’t hear much about the Dose of Colors eyeshadows, and these are super pretty. I don’t have many matte colors period, much less an entire matte palette, so I’d like this one.

And thus concludes my holiday wish list. I also have an entire wishlist of Funko Pop figures because I’m basically obsessed with them. I have an collection already, much to the dismay of my boyfriend who doesn’t get my love of toys. His opinion doesn’t really count anyway, right?

So what are you hoping to get from Santa?


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