First impressions: Hokkuu Green Tea Volcanic Mud Facial Mask

I may not have mentioned this to you all before, but I am cheap. I mean, as cheap as you can be when you’re also addicted to expensive things.

So when I saw an ad on Facebook or Instagram (I honestly don’t remember which) for this FREE MASK, I had to click on it. Sure, I paid $7 for shipping, but this is a $16 mask so I’m still saving money. Right?

Hokkuu Green Tea Mud Mask

Anyway, I expected it to take weeks for shipping like most of these social media promos, but it shipped the next day via three-day air. Ok Hokkuu, you have my attention. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but they’re apparently an organic Asian beauty brand distributed out of Cypress, Texas. Their products aren’t unreasonably priced so if this goes well I might pick up something else.

My first impression of the product was actually about the packaging. It’s a heavy frosted glass jar with a green plastic lid embossed with the company logo. Overall it looks like an expensive spa product, though the lid does feel a little cheap. Five points for whoever designed this package to look far more expensive than it feels. The product also smells really nice; fresh and sort of earthy, like matcha and clay, which is exactly what you’d think it smells like based on the product name. The consistency isn’t as thick as my other clay masks but it still went on without running or making a big mess. It did tint my white mask brush with an odd blue color but I’ve noticed some masks just do that. I’m still not completely on board with the whole mask brush thing anyway, but I’ll save that for another post.

Early morning mask session!

I like the sensation so far. It’s cooling and a bit tingly, and it hasn’t dried as stiff as some of my other mud or clay masks. I can still talk and smile comfortably. The instructions say to leave it on for “up to” 10 minutes but I’m a “leave it until it dries” kind of girl. I typically do my clay and mud masks in the morning so that I can rinse them off in the shower rather than tugging on my skin and destroying a washcloth to get it off.

No makeup, no filter, not even a moisturizer

And the results are in: not bad. My face feels extra clean but not tight and dehydrated, which is nice. This photo was taken about an hour after cleansing, and I typically start feeling oily at that point if I haven’t completed my skincare regimen, but I didn’t. That was nice too. I have high hopes for this mask. I’ll keep using it an keep you updated.

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