Review: Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm

This is going to be sort of a quick review since this is a relatively new (to me) product, but I wanted to give you my initial thoughts.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy

So, my initial thoughts are… are you kidding me? I was expecting some life changing lip product for the price tag of this little balm, but it’s not much better than some of the other, far less expensive balms I have, like this one from Nivea. It’s good, but not $26 good.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Fresh products, and their Lotus face cream is one of my all time favorite moisturizers, but this is my first experience with their lip products and I’m just not blown away.

Pros: The packaging is nice and feels high quality. It’s aluminum instead of the typical plastic, and the top screws on so I know it won’t come open in my makeup bag and end up destroyed. The product itself doesn’t have a taste or a smell, which I like, and it feels really emollient. It goes on the lips and stays there and I don’t feel the need to reapply every half hour. I’ve been wearing this at night while I sleep and I’ve noticed an improvement in the texture of my lips.

Cons: For real guys, the price. For me, that’s kind of the overriding factor here. It’s also a little on the small side; 4.3 g to Nivea’s 4.8 g. It’s why I’ve put off purchasing this until now. I won a Sephora gift card and figured why the hell not.

Overall, it’s a good product, but because of the price and ready availability of comparable products, I don’t think I’ll purchase it again.

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