Unpopular opinion: I have no interest in Fenty Beauty

I’m pretty sure this is like beauty sacrilege.

I like Rihanna. She seems like a cool, confident feminist who doesn’t let insane media attention and millions of haters get her down. I don’t listen to her music because I have the musical tastes of a 60-year-old dude (#classicrock4life), but I’m open to the possibility of listening to her in the future. If I’m out somewhere and one of her songs catches my attention I’m not against it on principle.

That being said, her beauty line holds no appeal for me.

Fenty Beauty Collection
The almighty Fenty.

I mentioned in my last unpopular opinion post that I’m a generally contrary person; the things that everyone loves and are on trend end up being the things I don’t like or want nothing to do with, and I’m pretty sure this brand has suffered that fate. For weeks, maybe months, the brand on the lips of my favorite beauty YouTubers, not to mention the beauty journalism community, was Fenty. Once the line launched it was Fenty as far as the eye could see; a veritable deluge of geometric packaging and gold glitter highlighters. For about a minute I was curious about the foundation, but 12 reviews later I’m bored by the mere mention of it. Sure, there are 40ish shades and that’s awesome, but it’s not unheard of, especially for a luxury brand. I love that their ad campaign was so diverse but at the same time it made me a bit sad that it was newsworthy. If only every brand was committed to that level of representation. The world might be a much better place.

Sorry, I’m getting off-topic.

The products in this line I’m least interested in are the highlighters. I literally could not care less. I’m not big into highlighters anyway, much to the dismay of my teenage niece. Homegirl wants her highlight to be seen from space, but I think I’m too old for that. I also struggle to find highlighters that don’t emphasize pores and texture. I want something that looks natural and doesn’t make my face look greasy, especially at the end of the day when my skin actually is greasy, and these are definitely not the highlights I’m looking for. There is straight up glitter in these, and I find the shade names a bit off-putting. I know (or at least I think I know) that they were meant as tongue-in-cheek amusing names, but I’ve never wanted a Trophy Wife on my face.

I do think it’s cool that some of the packaging is magnetic, and it does seem to be a well thought out collection. So many celebrities and “influencers” collaborate with brands or release their own brand and the products seem rushed or don’t make any sense and end up being poor quality (like the Too Faced x Nikki Tutorials debacle), and this brand’s initial product offering is logical. Primer, foundation, highlight, contour, powder. Totally makes sense. I haven’t looked at the next phase of the launch, which I guess includes an eyeshadow palette (my kryptonite), but I don’t imagine that I can be persuaded to cough up this kind of cash for a brand that I don’t already have some loyalty to.

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  1. A great highlighter you might like is the Essence Pure Nude. It’s super subtle and I don’t find it to emphasize my gargantuan sized pores. I’m in the middle of the road on Fenty. I am infatuated with Rihanna, because she’s just stunning, so I want to support her. I initially was super hyped about the holiday eyeshadow palette, but have since reconsidered, mainly because I’m not hugely into glittery eyeshadow. I do, however, want to try the highlighters and the lip products. As a lipstick junkie, I can’t resist them. I get why a lot of people aren’t feeling her line though. Like a wise person once said, everything ain’t for everybody, and that’s totally okay 🙂

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      1. I’ve been thinking about getting the new Becca highlighter from Ulta with the multiple colors. I think it’s so pretty, but before I drop that kind of cash I want to make sure I’ll use it. I like the purple one too but I think it might look weird on my skin.

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      2. I just got the holiday face palette and I love it!! I also have the purple one and it’s gorgeous as well. I have a post on my blog about her highlighters if you’re interested. I’ll have my review of the face palette up by next week. It’s so pretty I haven’t wanted to touch it lol. I swatched it on my IG today tho.

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      3. You can just search ‘becca’ on my blog, and it should come up. They’re my favorite, so there’s plenty of posts about them lol. Sephora has mini versions of the highlighter, so that may be a good way to try them without committing to the full size 🙂

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  2. Honestly, I felt no interest at all when I first heard she was coming out with her own line. However, when I went in store I really changed my mind. Swatching all of the highlighters won me over, but I am a big highlighter fan!

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