Beauty fail: I don’t get contouring

There are some beauty trends/techniques that I just don’t get. Not only can I not figure out how to do them, I also don’t get why they’re so trendy and popular. Contouring is one of these things.

I mean, I kind of understand the concept. It makes your face look thinner and whatever, but why contour the nose? The forehead? The neck? I don’t understand what the purpose is, and I think it just looks silly on some people, i.e. round and chubby faced people like me. It’s not like we’re fooling anyone, and my poor face can only take so much makeup application and blending before it gets extremely angry and stops cooperating (yes, my face has thoughts and feelings; doesn’t yours?). Every time I see someone with serious contouring I’m reminded of Angelina Jolie in that less-than-awesome Maleficent movie, with the cheekbones that could stab you from a mile away.

What have you done to my favorite villain you Disney bastards?! No one asked for a sequel!

Unless someone can give me a compelling reason to learn how to do this, I think I’ll be skipping it.

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