So, I’ve been thinking…

I have a lot of opinions, as you’ve surely noticed by now.

Some of them are funny, others are well reasoned and flexible, and some are unpopular.

What kind of unpopular opinions, you ask? Well, I’m thinking about starting a new series in which I tell you all about them, consequences be damned.

I think I’ll start… right now.

So, unpopular opinion: pumpkin spice lattes (henceforth to be known as “the dreaded PSL”) tastes like chemicals and cinnamon.

I know what you’re thinking; how is it possible that an American girl from the suburbs doesn’t like PSLs? Is there something wrong with you Teresa? ARE YOU DEFECTIVE?

No, no I am not.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t utterly detest Starbucks. It’s convenient and relatively fast, and they give me free stuff on the regular. Who can say no to free stuff? But this particular menu item makes me gag a little bit. It’s cloyingly sweet but the chemical aftertaste is unmistakable, and while I endured one per year for the sake of… I don’t know, tradition? Conformity? This year I’ve decided no more. No more spending $6 on a drink I can’t stand.

I’m sure a tiny bit of this is my general contrary nature. I don’t like the things that everyone else loves as a general rule, and my coffee is no different. I’m such a caffeine junkie that I’ll really drink any coffee. I know, the horror. I’m just counting down the days until these coffee places bust out their holiday drinks. Mint hot chocolate? Oh yes, I’ll take all of those please.

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