Ok Catrice, you have my attention

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of Catrice. This brand originated in Germany in the early-aughts and has only been trickling into the States for the last year or two. Ulta carries some products from this brand but they’re only in select stores, and a lot of them you can only get online. I’ve been curious about them since I saw a review of one of the foundations on YouTube (I honestly don’t remember which channel I originally saw it on), but I haven’t been able to find it so I decided to order it online.

Honestly, the site isn’t great and the shopping experience was a little frustrating for me because I wasn’t able to create an account or check out for several days, but the product range is good and they offer free shipping over $20. That’s pretty awesome I think. When I was shopping I thought about buying some additional stuff to get free shipping but I stopped myself.

I got a package yesterday.

Look, I got some stuff.

The foundation wasn’t a surprise, obviously, but the rest definitely was. Catrice had sent me an email about “possible promotional opportunities” but to be honest I didn’t take it seriously. I’ve been writing this blog for about six weeks, and I didn’t think I’d be contacted about PR for a long, long time. I had contacted their support team about the account creation issue and mentioned that I have a beauty blog, and I think that’s the only way they could know about me.

Anyway, the powder and the holiday bag were on the packing slip so I’m guessing these weren’t added accidentally. Whether accident or PR it’s still pretty damned cool.

The powder is a translucent loose setting powder. Ok, great, but kinda boring. Then there’s this kit…


It contains the following products:

Ultimate Color Lipstick in shade 240 Hey Nude…

I apologize for the dry skin but you get the idea.

This color is so pretty. I don’t generally wear this type of nude but I like this one. It’s got a creamy texture and feels moisturizing. It’s a nice change from the mattes I normally wear.

Better Than False Lashes Volume Mascara


I haven’t used it yet so I have no idea how it performs, but the brush looks nice. I didn’t get a picture of it, but the tube also shows the brush shape and material, and I thought that was a nice touch.

Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in Mauves Like Jagger

Pretty pretty pretty.

This is so pretty, and the texture in the pan is different from other single shadows I’ve seen. I was checking this out online and talked myself out of buying it because I don’t usually go for metallics but something about this one spoke to me. I think it was the price.

Eyebrow Set


This is so cute. I don’t use brow powders but I really love the concept. It’s a little rectangular box with cool and warm brown powders, and there’s a little drawer underneath that holds these teeny adorable mini tools. I love it so much, but it’s probably going to end up with my niece.

Re-Touch Light Reflecting Concealer in shade 020 Light Beige


I’ve been intrigued by this type of concealer since I saw the No7 version but I hadn’t made up my mind about whether or not to buy one. I guess this means I’m off the hook.

It all came in a super cute pink bag that says ‘Baby it’s cold outside”, and while the song is a bit rapey I see what they were going for here and I appreciate the effort. I haven’t been able to find this kit on their site so maybe it hasn’t been released yet? I’m not really sure. There wasn’t much info in the box, but at least you can get the individual products if you’d like.

I’ll keep you posted about how these products perform.

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