Review: Morphe 35T palette

I’ve been using this palette for awhile and I think I’m finally in a place to review it, so here goes.

IMG_20171006_153509910 IMG_20171006_153607094

I’ve used it several times, even though it looks totally untouched.

Pros: There’s very little fallout so it’ll last a long time. It’s inexpensive ($23 for 35 shadows) and the quality is really nice. The formula is buttery and blends nicely. I also love the colors. Like, LOVE them. One of the biggest criticisms about this palette is that so many of the colors are redundant or look the same, but I really like that. I don’t like putting a lot of thought or time into my day-to-day eye looks, and with this palette, I can choose one of the lighter matte shades, a satin shade for the crease and a shimmer for the lid and I’m done. Almost all of the shades coordinate so it hardly matters which shades I choose. There’s so much product in this palette that I don’t think I’ll ever run out, so I feel like I’m definitely getting my money’s worth.

Cons: The packaging is thin plastic and feels a bit cheap, and there isn’t a mirror. I really wish there was for the sake of convenience. The packaging is so big that a mirror would have been awesome, but at the same time, the size is a negative because I wouldn’t be able to travel with it. I also don’t like that I can’t get this in a store in my area. Like, that’s not an issue with the palette or Morphe, but it took for-EV-er for it to be shipped to me. It seemed like the time from ordering to receiving was a lot longer than other companies. I know that not everyone can be Amazon or Ulta and ship orders the same day, but it took a solid week for this to even be shipping. Not a fan of that.

Overall I like this product and might purchase another palette from Morphe. I don’t need to worry about repurchasing this one because it’ll likely last the rest of my life.

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